Turkey Confronted With Irregular Inflation Data

Turkish inflation is rising at a worrying rate. Already grappling with the questionable nature of official statistics, everyday Turks are potentially facing dark times as the Erdogan government lacks the financial tools and political capacity to bring inflation under control.

What To Expect From Herzog’s Visit To Turkey?

Considering current regional dynamics and the high-level nature of the interaction, Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to Turkey has greater potential to “normalize” Turkey-Israel relations than previous attempts, which ultimately ended in new crises.

Are Turkey-Balkan Relations Being De-Europeanized?

Europeanization had once been the starting point of Turkey’s relations with the Balkans, but over the last decade both have drifted away from the EU orbit. Ahmet Erdi Ozturk and Basak Alpan explain how and why on FeniksPod’s Balkan and EU Series.

Turkey Needs To Go Green Before It’s Too Late

The Turkish government fails to produce comprehensive green policies amid worsening environmental crises. In a recent report, environmental researcher Gokce Sencan and her colleagues at the Ivme Movement urge the Turkish government to act before it’s too late.