Germany’s Reaction To The Invasion Of Ukraine

Germany’s reluctance to take on a more active role in the conflict in Ukraine has become an issue of public debate. In the latest episode of FeniksPod’s Atlantic Series, Dr. Mehmet Yegin spoke with Dr. Nele Marianne Ewers-Peters from Leuphana University of Lueneburg. Dr. Evers-Peters discussed Germany’s reaction to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the impact it has had on NATO-EU relations.

Will The West Concede To Russian Demands Over Ukraine?

Chatham House’s Mathieu Boulegue told FeniksPod’s Atlantic Series that Russia has been using the Ukraine crisis to extort Western concessions in what has become the greatest test to European and global security since the Cold War.

Are Turkey-Balkan Relations Being De-Europeanized?

Europeanization had once been the starting point of Turkey’s relations with the Balkans, but over the last decade both have drifted away from the EU orbit. Ahmet Erdi Ozturk and Basak Alpan explain how and why on FeniksPod’s Balkan and EU Series.

Turkey Needs To Go Green Before It’s Too Late

The Turkish government fails to produce comprehensive green policies amid worsening environmental crises. In a recent report, environmental researcher Gokce Sencan and her colleagues at the Ivme Movement urge the Turkish government to act before it’s too late.

Naheed Esar: “Women’s Resistance In Afghanistan Will Continue”

In her recent interview with FeniksPod, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Naheed Esar points outs that Afghan women were the first to take to the streets against Taliban rule. She notes that women’s resistance will continue, making it more difficult for the Taliban to provide stability despite its ability to maintain security in the country.

Ljubomir Filipovic: “A Regional Front Needed for Easing Tensions in Montenegro”

While Montenegro, a tiny Balkan country on Adriatic coast, was hit by violent events and political crises evoked by the new head of the Serbian church in Montenegro, Metropolitan Joanikije’s ceremony in Cetinje, the former capital city of the country we spoke to Ljubomir Filipovic, Executive Coordinator of Civil Initiative May 21 and a political analyst at Café del Montenegro.

Dimitar Bechev: “Europe Remains the Center of Gravity for Turkey”

Relations between Turkey and the West have been eroded by years of crises, and Turkish President Erdogan’s recent attempts at rapprochement have their limits. Still, while Turkey may be drifting further away from the US, European-Turkish relations have remained remarkably resilient.

Karol Wasilewski: “Turkey Has Become The EU’s Adversarial Partner”

Turkey has become an adversarial partner of the EU as the result of several international disagreements and the worsening state of Turkish democracy under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Still, both parties are signaling for new cooperation based on mutual interests in fields such as migration and the economy.