Sakoku 2.0: COVID-19 Keeping Japan Closed

Unlike many other countries, Japan’s borders remain closed due to COVID-19, reminding some of the isolationist “Sakoku” period. Nonetheless, domestic and international pressure for Japan’s reopening persists.

The “Great Recession” vs the “Great Lockdown”

Along with massive consequences for public health, the global pandemic has taken a toll on the world economy. Due to mandatory lockdowns, economic activity has been all but crippled, barring the operations of most of non-essential businesses.

A Tale of Two Populist Reactions to COVID-19 in Latin America

Espousing different political leanings (from right- to left-wing) and exhibiting varying degrees of intensity (whether rarely or frequently employing divisive rhetoric), at least five of Latin America’s current presidents can be seen as embodying the populist ideology.

The Parameters of Joe Biden’s Search for a Running Mate

Joe Biden’s running mate would be second in line to assume the office of the US presidency should he win, so the selection process is vital. In this context, the George Floyd Protests and COVID-19 have reshaped the field of VP candidates in favor of a woman of color.

COVID-19 and the Past and Future of Pandemics

The novel coronavirus will cause diverse systemic changes across the globe, but it isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last pandemic to threaten life as we know it