Is The EU Promoting ‘Stabilitocracies’ In The Western Balkans?

EU inaction, stalled accessions, and government divergence from EU reform have created “stabilitocracies” in the Western Balkans. This poses a significant test for the EU’s role as a promoter of democracy in the region, says a recent report by the Netherlands’ Clingendael think-tank.

Documentary: Turkey Uses Islam to Increase its Soft Power in Bosnia

A documentary film produced by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University analyzes how Turkey under President Erdogan’s political Islamist rule uses Islam to increase its soft power in Bosnia and how it is perceived by Bosnian Muslims.

EU Warns of Democratic Backsliding in Turkey

In what may be one of its most critical annual reports on Turkey to date, the EU warns the candidate country to beware of democratic backsliding, citing its worrying track record with regard to rule of law and rights and freedoms. It also highlights heated foreign policy disagreements.

Internet and Media Freedoms Continue to Decline in Turkey

Internet and media freedoms continue to decline in Turkey under strict control of President Erdogan’s government stated Gurkan Ozturan from the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) in FeniksPod’s latest episode.

Kosovo Lacks Ambassadors In Times of Diplomatic Hardship

Only 19 of Kosovo’s 31 embassies abroad currently have ambassadors. This marks a significant failure on the part of the government just as the country needs diplomatic strength to fortify its position as an independent state.

NATO 2030 Projection Faces Myriad Challenges

FeniksPolitik organized its first in-house event on the future of NATO and the challenges it faces in confronting a changing Middle East, the US pivot to Asia, increasing presence of Russia and China in the region and intra-alliance tensions tied to a Turkey in democratic decline.

Pact For Pluralist Democracy Needed In Post-Erdogan Turkey

Amid deepening economic crisis, domestic and foreign policy disarray, and the decline of public support for Turkey’s strongman president, discussions on what a Turkey without Erdogan could/should look like are becoming more prevalent. Still, many experts agree that the end of Erdogan’s rule in and of itself wouldn’t usher in an era of democracy, especially without the opposition’s adoption of a pluralist approach.

Erdogan-Biden Meeting Left To Our Imagination

The much-anticipated meeting between US President Joe Biden and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan failed to address even the most pressing issues. For all we know, which isn’t a lot, the leaders will enter into more substantive discussions later. But on what? They didn’t even announce what was spoken about.

The “Great Recession” vs the “Great Lockdown”

Along with massive consequences for public health, the global pandemic has taken a toll on the world economy. Due to mandatory lockdowns, economic activity has been all but crippled, barring the operations of most of non-essential businesses.

A New Constitution for Turkey?

President Erdogan, in coordination with his MHP coalition partner, has declared his intent to open the floor to debate on a new constitution. Nonetheless, interpretations of the vague and limited declaration vary.

Report: EU And US Should Restore Cooperation In Eastern And Southeastern Europe

A recent Carnegie Europe report argues that the EU and US should work to restore cooperation after years of distance under the Trump Administration. By doing so, they may better position themselves to promote democracy and rebuild influence in the face of disruptive actors such as Russia, China, and Turkey.

Biden Presidency will be difficult for Turkey

FeniksPolitik’s editorial board member Mehmet Yegin was interviewed by the Turkish daily, Karar, where he discussed US President-Elect Joe Biden’s expected foreign policy and its implications for Turkey