Documentary: Turkey Uses Islam to Increase its Soft Power in Bosnia

A documentary film produced by the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs at Georgetown University analyzes how Turkey under President Erdogan’s political Islamist rule uses Islam to increase its soft power in Bosnia and how it is perceived by Bosnian Muslims.

Political Crisis and Uncertainty Fuels Bosnia’s Youth Migration

As Bosnia and Herzegovina grapples with political crisis, a survey published by the United Nations Population Fund explores the living conditions, challenges, and emigration stances of the country’s youth. It paints a picture of violent uncertainty created by political instability and youth unemployment.

Erdogan’s Kin Society Policies Divide Balkan Muslims

Erdogan’s Turkey has trouble defining both its kin societies in the Balkans and the policies directed at them. Nonetheless, its actions still divide and polarize Balkan Turks and Muslims.

Kosovo Lacks Ambassadors In Times of Diplomatic Hardship

Only 19 of Kosovo’s 31 embassies abroad currently have ambassadors. This marks a significant failure on the part of the government just as the country needs diplomatic strength to fortify its position as an independent state.

Ljubomir Filipovic: “A Regional Front Needed for Easing Tensions in Montenegro”

While Montenegro, a tiny Balkan country on Adriatic coast, was hit by violent events and political crises evoked by the new head of the Serbian church in Montenegro, Metropolitan Joanikije’s ceremony in Cetinje, the former capital city of the country we spoke to Ljubomir Filipovic, Executive Coordinator of Civil Initiative May 21 and a political analyst at Café del Montenegro.

Dimitar Bechev: “Europe Remains the Center of Gravity for Turkey”

Relations between Turkey and the West have been eroded by years of crises, and Turkish President Erdogan’s recent attempts at rapprochement have their limits. Still, while Turkey may be drifting further away from the US, European-Turkish relations have remained remarkably resilient.

“We can!”: The Rise Of Croatia’s Green-Left Gives Europe Hope

Croatia’s Mozemo!, “We can!”, movement has won local elections in the capital of Zagreb after their surprising success in general elections last year, going to show that a new generation of leftist politicians may be the greatest hope for overthrowing Europe’s populist strongmen.