Turkey Confronted With Irregular Inflation Data

Turkish inflation is rising at a worrying rate. Already grappling with the questionable nature of official statistics, everyday Turks are potentially facing dark times as the Erdogan government lacks the financial tools and political capacity to bring inflation under control.

War In Ukraine May Sabotage Iranian Nuclear Agreement

Russia’s response to Western sanctions threatens to permanently derail negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program. But as Iran considers how to proceed, it should recognize its potential to become a major energy player should an agreement be finalized.

The Kadyrovtsy: Putin’s Force Multiplier or Propaganda Tool?

It was clear that the involvement of these fighters – known as the Kadyrovtsy (Kadyrovites in English) – was not only an operational reinforcement for Russia, opening the northern route to Kyiv, but also a propaganda tool designed to spread fear of the atrocities the Chechens might inflict on Ukrainians in their path.

The Betrayal Of Ukraine

Ukraine was lured by the West for many years, but in its time of greatest need it was betrayed. Instead of protecting it militarily against the Russian invasion, the West has only been willing to engage the aggressor in economic warfare.

Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine Threatens Balkan Security

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may create new fronts within Europe’s most fragile region. Throughout the Balkans, pro-Russian groups have eagerly awaited a Russian agenda that could topple current regional peace and security dynamics.

What To Expect From Herzog’s Visit To Turkey?

Considering current regional dynamics and the high-level nature of the interaction, Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to Turkey has greater potential to “normalize” Turkey-Israel relations than previous attempts, which ultimately ended in new crises.

Sakoku 2.0: COVID-19 Keeping Japan Closed

Unlike many other countries, Japan’s borders remain closed due to COVID-19, reminding some of the isolationist “Sakoku” period. Nonetheless, domestic and international pressure for Japan’s reopening persists.

Unrest in Kazakhstan Leaves Questions Unanswered

After Kazakhstan’s most serious unrest since it gained independence, President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev is positioned to chart a new course that separates him from Nursultan Nazarbayev’s legacy. However, lingering questions about causes of the violence and the possibility of intra-elite conflict remain unanswered.

Can Babacan’s Democracy and Progress Party (DEVA) Remedy Turkey’s Woes?

Turkey’s former economy minister Ali Babacan split from Erdogan’s party ranks as the result of several disagreements over democracy and management of the economy. In short order, he established his own party built on a promising agenda; but can Babacan remedy Turkey’s woes? While the answer is unclear, it is certain that Babacan will remain an important political actor.

What Turkey Has To Fear If Russia Invades Ukraine

A Russian invasion of Ukraine would pose significant risks to Turkey. Moscow’s potential exertion of economic, military, and political pressure on Ankara may also weaken a NATO response to the crisis, especially from the Black Sea.

How Bulgarian Turks In Turkey Mobilized For Bulgarian Elections

Representatives of the pro-ethnic Turkish party in Bulgaria and associations Turkish migrants from Bulgaria in Turkey encouraged all dual Turkish-Bulgarian citizens living in Turkey to go to the polls. The main motivation behind this enthusiastic call was to display in no uncertain terms the true homeland of Bulgaria’s Turkish minority.

Political Crisis and Uncertainty Fuels Bosnia’s Youth Migration

As Bosnia and Herzegovina grapples with political crisis, a survey published by the United Nations Population Fund explores the living conditions, challenges, and emigration stances of the country’s youth. It paints a picture of violent uncertainty created by political instability and youth unemployment.

Erdogan’s Kin Society Policies Divide Balkan Muslims

Erdogan’s Turkey has trouble defining both its kin societies in the Balkans and the policies directed at them. Nonetheless, its actions still divide and polarize Balkan Turks and Muslims.