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Burak Yalım • Analysis • November 24, 2021


As Bosnia and Herzegovina grapples with political crisis, a survey published by the United Nations Population Fund explores the living conditions, challenges, and emigration stances of the country’s youth. It paints a picture of violent uncertainty created by political instability and youth unemployment.


Erdogan’s Kin Society Policies Divide Balkan Muslims

Erdogan’s Turkey has trouble defining both its kin societies in the Balkans and the policies directed at them. Nonetheless, its actions still divide and polarize Balkan Turks and Muslims.

Migration Likely To Factor Heavily In Turkey’s Next Elections

Refugees in Turkey and Turkish emigrants themselves are likely to affect the country’s next elections. While migration is not a new issue for Turkey, the level to which it has recently been politicized is. As Syrians and Afghans finding refuge in Turkey will be the subject of election campaigns, the votes of Turkish citizens living abroad shouldn’t be overlooked.


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Voice of Experts

Naheed Esar: “Women’s Resistance In Afghanistan Will Continue”

In her recent interview with FeniksPod, former Deputy Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Naheed Esar points outs that Afghan women were the first to take to the streets against Taliban rule. She notes that women’s resistance will continue, making it more difficult for the Taliban to provide stability despite its ability to maintain security in the country.

Ljubomir Filipovic: “A Regional Front Needed for Easing Tensions in Montenegro”

While Montenegro, a tiny Balkan country on Adriatic coast, was hit by violent events and political crises evoked by the new head of the Serbian church in Montenegro, Metropolitan Joanikije’s ceremony in Cetinje, the former capital city of the country we spoke to Ljubomir Filipovic, Executive Coordinator of Civil Initiative May 21 and a political analyst at Café del Montenegro.


To the Point

EU Warns of Democratic Backsliding in Turkey

In what may be one of its most critical annual reports on Turkey to date, the EU warns the candidate country to beware of democratic backsliding, citing its worrying track record with regard to rule of law and rights and freedoms. It also highlights heated foreign policy disagreements.

Internet and Media Freedoms Continue to Decline in Turkey

Internet and media freedoms continue to decline in Turkey under strict control of President Erdogan’s government stated Gurkan Ozturan from the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) in FeniksPod’s latest episode.